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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is thee best way of marketing and ranks first amongst any other techniques in Marketing your website. The bitter truth is, people think it is expensive and does not give a quick response but it is quiet effective in a long run. Once optimized, your website will remain on first pages in search results of topmost search engines for quiet long period of time.

Imagine Google processes 40,000 searches per second. In this, where your site stand?

Thru SEO the potential of getting business increases 100 times more than opting for email marketing or placing an add on Facebook, the only thing is you will have to be patient. Because here people are searching for your business where as in Emailing marketing or Facebook ads you are pressuring the audience to know about your business.

So, rather placing an ad on Facebook where you might get 10,000 impression on your daily budget of Rs. 200/- which ends when you pause or deactivate the ad, you should opt-in for SEO if you want to take your business ahead in a long run.

Digital Marketing

Though digital marketing means promoting your products and services online thru all by means like SEO, advertising, article and directory submission, email marketing, the explaination of all of which is given separately on this page, but, here in this section we are emphasizing on social networking of your website. Means how will you promote your website on the top networks like Googleplus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youttube, Pintrest, Dribbble, etc.

How presentable you will be on this websites just as how presentable you are on your website. Many people just make pages on this social networks and avoid making a website, thinking that, that will be enough for their business. Is it? I mean is it really enough that only your friend's and your friend's friend know about your products and services. Then why is Google still number one, numero uno on the world wide web?

Whether Digital marketing or no. Whether you have a business pages on this social netwroks or no, the best way to explain your products and services is only through your website. And not to mention these networking websites have a same design, a same approach in displaying the products and services, you have to follow their rule. This social website is just an added flavour to the promotion of your products but the main ingredient is your website like a vanilla accesnce and flour in your cake respectively.


This one is a fast process and is a very small part of SEO. In fact, it is a temporary process on setting your goal by advertising your website thru Facebook or thru Google for a short duration of time by setting a daily budget. This does not look expensive but it is more expensive than SEO.

Some pointers to make you understand about Facebook and Google Advertisements:

  1. You can start placing your advertisement on Facebook and Google with a minimum daily budget of Rs. 60/- per day or US $1 per day respectively.
  2. You can opt-in for cost per 1000 impressions or cost per click
  3. You can choose target region to place your ads, example: Mumbai
  4. In Facebook you can also choose the age group as well as gender who can view your ads.
  5. The difference between Google Adword and Facebook is:
    1. on Google Adword your ad will not only show on search results of the Google Search page but also show up in other websites who publish Google Ads (there are literally 1000s of publishers out there), Google decides on which website your ads will be displayed.
    2. on Facebook your ad will show only on the Facebook website pages either in the sponsored section on the right or as a post to your set target audience.

Article & Directory Submission

This is yet another part of SEO but much smaller and much more cheaper. It is like spreading the word about your business on other websites.

Just like you put an ad (paid or free) in Yellow pages or community magazines, etc. The only thing is this is virtual (online) and submission is on the websites which is basically a portal or a directory. Example justdial, indiamart, clickindia, exportersindia, hotfrog, alibaba and so many. There are literally 1000s.

Difference between article and directory submission:
As indiamart, hotfrog, etc. are being article submission websites where we register / login and post your products with description as well as contact details, there are directory submission websites where we just post your website link in a category along with short description.

We have more than 2500 article submission websites and 6000 directory websites to help you spread the word about your business on world wide web. You can opt-in for as many you want.

Email Marketing

This is our all time favorite even though it disturbs or irritates the public but it ends up coming home with some good business from good clients.

At present we have a set-up where we can run your ad campaign from our end and send you reports at regular intervals. We have a set-up where we can shoot altogether more than 10,000 emails per hour and we divide the same and provide a package to a client as per their requirements. Along with that we have more than 60 crore of clean database under different categories which can be helpful to you to run the campaign.

We do not sell servers, so we at present don't have any provisions in which we set you up with your own campaign at your place. If at all there is something of that sort we shall post here, so please check back regularly.